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BUNDLE - Tula Pink - Zuma


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Our bundles include one of each of the 24 fabrics in this collection in the size of your choice:

* Sea Stallion in Aquamarine (PWTP119.AQUA)
* Sea Stallion in Glowfish (PWTP119.GLOW)
* Sea Stallion in Seaglass (PWTP119.SEAG)
* Sea Bloom in Aquamarine (PWTP120.AQUA)
* Sea Bloom in Glowfish (PWTP120.GLOW)
* Sea Bloom in Seaglass (PWTP120.SEAG)
* Sea Shells in Aquamarine (PWTP121.AQUA)
* Sea Shells in Glowfish (PWTP121.GLOW)
* Sea Shells in Seaglass (PWTP121.SEAG)
* White Caps in Aquamarine (PWTP122.AQUA)
* White Caps in Glowfish (PWTP122.GLOW)
* White Caps in Seaglass (PWTP122.SEAG)

* Stingray in Aquamarine (PWTP123.AQUA)
* Stingray in Glowfish (PWTP123.GLOW)
* Stingray in Seaglass (PWTP123.SEAG)
* High Tide in Aquamarine (PWTP124.AQUA)
* High Tide in Glowfish (PWTP124.GLOW)
* High Tide in Seaglass (PWTP124.SEAG)
* Glitter Litter in Aquamarine (PWTP125.AQUA)
* Glitter Litter in Glowfish (PWTP125.GLOW)
* Glitter Litter in Seaglass (PWTP125.SEAG)
* Tower 7 in Aquamarine (PWTP126.AQUA)
* Tower 7 in Glowfish (PWTP126.GLOW)
* Tower 7 in Seaglass (PWTP126.SEAG)

Fat quarters are a minimum of 18" x 21".

Half yard cuts are a minimum of 18" x 43".  If you buy multiple half yard bundles, we will cut continuous yardage for you.