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BUNDLE - Tula Pink - De La Luna


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De La Luna by Tula Pink for Free Spirit Fabrics

This listing is for fabric bundles of the new De La Luna collection by Tula Pink.

PLEASE NOTE: The cameo heads in the Possessed print are quite large and the pattern repeats every 24". In order to avoid giving customers partial heads, we are cutting Possessed increments of 24" (so no 1/2 yards cuts as that would be 1.5 rows of heads).

You will receive one of each of the fabrics listed below in the size of your choice (fat quarters or half yard cuts):

* Possessed in Clairvoyant (PWTP110.CLAIR) *** EXTRA WIDE 24" ***
* Possessed in Haunted (PWTP110.HAUNT) *** EXTRA WIDE 24" ***
* Possessed in Spirit (PWTP110.SPIRI) *** EXTRA WIDE 24" ***
* Sugar Skulls in Clairvoyant (PWTP111.CLAIR)
* Sugar Skulls in Mystic (PWTP111.MYSTI)
* Sugar Skulls in Oracle (PWTP111.ORACL)
* Sugar Skulls in Spirit (PWTP111.SPIRI)
* I See You in Clairvoyant (PWTP112.CLAIR)
* I See You in Haunted (PWTP112.HAUNT)
* I See You in Mystic (PWTP112.MYSTI)
* I See You in Spirit (PWTP112.SPIRI)
* Venus in Clairvoyant (PWTP113.CLAIR)
* Venus in Haunted (PWTP113.HAUNT)
* Venus in Spirit (PWTP113.SPIRI)
* Batty in Clairvoyant (PWTP114.CLAIR)
* Batty in Haunted (PWTP114.HAUNT)
* Batty in Phantom (PWTP114.PHANT)
* Batty in Spirit (PWTP114.SPIRI)

Fat quarters are a minimum of 18" x 21" (Possessed will be 24" x 21").
Half yard cuts are a minimum of 18" x 43" (Possessed will be 24" x 43"). If you buy multiple half yard bundles, we will cut continuous yardage for you.